Energy Efficient House by EFdeN

Energy efficient homes are truly stunning concepts when they are married to a big city environment. While energy efficient homes or solar homes are frequently built in rural areas or in heavily wooded regions the spacious plots and large open spaces surrounding the home make it a much easier build. A well thought out energy efficient home in a bustling metropolis, however, can be more impressive as it will allow people a new contact with a nature while also providing a high quality environment in which to live.

The EFdeN house is built by a young team of Romanian architects that proposes to create a modern solar house that provides a healthy environment in one of the most hectic, busy, and polluted of European capitals. Its goal is to change the way people think of town houses, transforming them from energy consumers into efficient homes that are self-sufficient.

Increased quality of life and a better interaction with nature are just as much a part of this project as is the eco-friendly aspect. The house impresses through a number of distinct features. The positioning and large windows help it take full advantage of the sun’s free energy, heating the house in the cold season and also helping with natural ventilation in the warmer season.

Thick insulation is also a key aspect of the EFdeN house, a concept that requires good craftsmanship, a strong design and high quality materials. Re-using interior warmth while also ventilating the house is a key aspect in achieving a pleasant interior environment with little to no energy consumption. A series of well-placed solar panels as well as a careful approach to recycling and reducing water and electricity consumption are also vital in creating an efficient and comfortable home.

Through its very nature, this urban dwelling will help reduce pollution by allowing its residents to use public transport or short car rides to meet their work, entertainment or social needs without a lengthy commute.

Sustainable Housing Principles

Sustainable house design is becoming more and more popular as people are starting to be more environmentally conscious. A sustainable house is the future for the environment but it should also be designed with people’s needs in mind; so getting a balance between a sustainable house that is effective for the environment and one that is secure and functional for people’s needs is the key to future design.

A way to create houses that are cost-efficient and climate responsible is to follow the simple principles of sustainable design that will be presented in the following paragraphs.

One of the main issues when creating a sustainable house is making sure that you are using the Earth’s natural resources. This means using materials that are easily reusable, renewable and have a high durability. For example, a great idea would be using wood since it’s an easily renewable material and in some countries for every tree that you chop a larger number of trees have to be planted. Another way to recycle is by using cement with a high percentage of recycled materials added such as broken glass, reused concrete or even residual rock. Always try to buy your wood resources from a certified vendor so that you can avoid paying for illegal deforestation.

Another way to build a sustainable house is by making sure that you are optimizing the use of the sun in your home. A lot of people will rely on high energetic resources such as coal, oil or gas but some of the alternatives out there are already showing a lot of success. You can easily use solar photovoltaic panels on the areas where you get as much sun possible throughout the day.

Heat recovery ventilation systems allow you to constantly bring fresh air into the house without losing the heat stored inside it. It also helps with problems like humidity, fungus or any other air related issues your home might have. A polluted house can have more negative effects than the pollutants outside and it might cause problems even if the owners are not spending a lot of time inside. A way to keep the house pollution free is to make sure that you seal off the garage from the house to eliminate noxious fumes from your car reaching your home. Selecting natural materials for the inside of the house, materials that don’t have any toxic properties is also a great idea.

Another way to create a sustainable house is by using the land responsibly. Always try to buy a smaller and more compact house that is located near work and near the places you usually frequent. This way you can save a lot of money on gas. Choose a neighborhood that aims at preserving the natural landscape and try to build your own garden.