Casa Schierle

Located in a beautiful village just next to Munich, Germany, Matthias Benz Architecture & Design’s project called Casa Schierle was built for a married couple and their daughter and it’s a pure example of sustainable architecture. While developing this building the architects included in the process various recyclable materials and a few interesting ways to save energy as the house is also planned to feature solar panels and rainwater collectors. The house was meant to look contemporary but also respect tradition. The 2000 sq meter site had an old farm with a wonderful view of the town. Due to strict regulations the only buildings allowed were those with pitched roofs. The architects also needed to make sure that they did not alter the view of other neighbors over the valley.

The project started with a simple thought in mind, the architects were to create a house that not only was functional and modern but would still preserve some of the traditional themes and would feature a lot of contemporary energy solutions. Slate stones were used for the facade and roof while the integration of a pitched roof proved to be difficult for the architects. However they managed to adapt the house to all the city planning regulations while using traditional materials.

The house featured a wooden structure with flax insulation and a wood fiber board that was meant to obtain good thermal conductivity. It also incorporates a heating pump for heat storing, big windows that allow maximum use of light and vertical shifting that helps ventilate the house in the summer. What makes this house extremely special is the fact that energy consumed is 65% less making it a part of the sustainable architecture project in Germany. In the future, the house will implement other energy saving methods to become completely independent energy wise.