Dulieu Home

The Dulieu Home is a wonderful sustainable building designed by studio MWA and built in New Zealand in a unique setting surrounded by wildlife and plants indigenous to the area. Due to the amazing landscape the architects managed to create a home that has an incredible level of privacy as it is surrounded by hills and bush land, not to mention its proximity to the river. Although the location might seem too wild for some, the architects managed to incorporate its wilderness and raw beauty into the design of this impressive house by making it 70% glass. This way the house not only reflects the exterior but also maximizes the passive solar energy for better heating. Besides that, the architects have added a rainwater and spring water collection and an eco-sewage treatment system.

The house was constructed very close to the river and was also slightly elevated from the ground level. This offered the house a beautiful panoramic view over the surroundings as it stands witness to the amazing natural beauty like an amphitheater.

It was designed to be as simple as possible with just one story and the design had to include natural materials so that its environmental impact be as low as possible. Another big plus of this house is the fact that its orientation allows it to capture the sun and easily take advantage of passive solar energy heating.

The overhanging roof on the Dulieu House allows for the better shading thus shielding the house from direct sunlight when it is too bright outside. This helps regulate interior temperature without depriving the home of much needed light. The beautiful house is surrounded by a wide hardwood deck and the designers also added a beautiful garden with the same plants that can be found in the surrounding natural landscape.

The high craftsmanship and high durability of the furnishings mean that the house has an added eco-friendly bonus in the fact that it won’t need new furniture, kitchen tops or things of the sort for a long time, thus, saving production costs and the pollution related to production of these items.

The house features 3 double bedrooms, a studio with 3 individual living areas and a triple garage. The kitchen and living room have a double height celling giving a grandiose feel to the entire home while also making the living room seem that much larger.  All rooms in the house allow direct access to the outdoors. Couple this with the immense glass walls and you have a home that bridges the gap between beautiful landscaping, a natural environment and a high quality of life. This house shows that high luxury doesn’t necessarily mean building something that has a great impact on the environment.