Energy Efficiency Definition

A lot of people talk about energy efficiency but the term is broadly used and some might have trouble understanding it. In just a few words, energy efficiency means using less energy to provide for the same needs and avoid wasting. The purpose of energy efficiency and the purpose of being environmental conscious is to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions.

To illustrate energy efficiency imagine that you have a two houses. One has its windows and walls insulated properly, uses a lighting system that consumes less energy and a water recycling system while the other does not have any of those options. The first one will consume less energy on both heating and cooling in order to give those inside a comfortable environment when compared to the second house. Living in the first house means being energy efficient because you will consume less energy and thus contribute to reducing the world’s needs when it comes to energy. On an individual level, this is the most responsible thing to do, but energy efficiency also means making sure that our technology is also up to date with the new energy saving methods so that global emissions of greenhouse gases are easily kept under control.

As individuals the responsible thing is to make sure that you produce as little waste as possible. This can easily be achieved by using certain energy friendly appliances. Items in your home like refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, dishwashers or dryers should be bought keeping the cost of energy they consume in mind. This means that people who are interested in saving energy should always look for the amount of energy the appliance uses before buying it.

On a more global scale, a good way to make sure that you not only have an energy efficient environment but also energy efficient people who are conscious about their surroundings is to make sure that you focus the media’s attention on these matters. By promoting power management systems and making sure that people are getting a better price on energy efficient appliances you will contribute to a healthier environment and planet.

Increasing tree planting, promoting building designs that have a better sustainability and allowing those who are trying to build a sustainable house to minimize the energy use while using passive solar heating, all these are ways to improve energy efficiency and allow people to leave in an overall better environment.