Energy-Efficient Windows

A well-known fact is that all properties have problems with losing heat through their windows. Since windows are a must when building the house, there is no way around the problem and those who want to keep their homes warmer should look into energy efficient windows.

There are various benefits to energy efficient windows and they can definitely lower your overall heat cost. Besides keeping a warm house, energy efficient windows do a great job at keeping the house quiet and also reduce overall condensation. Depending on your home, the cost for these can vary depending on the size of the window, the material and the company that will install them. However, double glazing should usually last for more than 20 years so it’s a great investment for any home.

But what are double glazed windows? Double glazed windows are frames with two sheets of glass with a gap between them. This type of glass creates an insulating barrier that allows you to keep your house warmer.  Some people prefer triple glazed windows but they are not necessarily better at lowering your need for heat. It really depends on how well sunlight travels through the glass, how little air leaks from the window and how much heat gets lost through the window. Also, double glazed glass also comes with low emissions which is better for your health than most type of glasses.

The windows use argon, xenon or krypton gas between the sheets for better insulation and some even have pane spacers that don’t keep a low temperature. When it comes to frames those that have the lowest impact are wooden frames. Most frames, however, are made from PVC, aluminum or composite which are all recyclable.

Depending on the type of glass, you can have various energy ratings just like the ones for appliances so make sure that you inform yourself well before choosing a type of glass. Another issue is ventilation. Because these windows offer such a good insulation, they might cut any draft or passive ventilation which might lead to condensation building and a damp home.

For those living in period homes, double glazing is also an option as it can be easily made to look like the original windows, however, don’t attempt to install this without getting the necessary guidance because in some areas it can be illegal. You may, however, be allowed to install secondary glazing that will give you a similar effect.