Energy Neutral Residence

A beautiful home doesn’t necessarily have to be wasteful and this is exactly what FARO Architecten, a company from Netherlands tried to achieve. This single family residence was built in Ijburg just near Amsterdam and manages to be an energy neutral residence while blending in with the beautiful landscape. The architects used a very tight insulation, triple paned windows and heat exchangers and the energy is supplied via a roof mounted wind turbine and a photovoltaic system.

This amazing house actually has an insulation value of rc-10 with very tight joints and HR ventilation. The air that goes into the house is pre-heated and pre-cooled with a ground source heat exchanger that has been installed two meters underground. Along with that the house also comes with an additional space heating and water heating system that uses solar hot water collectors that have been installed on the roof. This way, rainwater is collected and stored in a cistern to be later used for various needs in the garden, for the toilets or for laundry. If more heat is needed for the house there is also a wood pellet stove that uses a heat pump to assure even more warmth. When it comes to energy the house uses the wind turbine and 6 square meter photovoltaic panels that have been set on the roof.

The house has also been built with ventilation flaps on the roof that can be easily opened during the summer for cooling the house. The inside of the house is also a statement of recyclable materials that don’t have a major impact on the environment as it uses wood paneling and wooden beams. The interesting aspect of the house is that it features whole trees both for structure and decoration purposes, while making the house feel more in touch with nature.