Green Lantern

The beautiful Green Lantern Residence was built in Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas, and was designed by John Grable Architects. The house has been designed as a single family residence that is inspired by the historic qualities of the area but also as a eco-friendly home with a low environmental footprint. The architects adopted a combination of historical and high tech elements that create a wonderful charm to the house.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful bridged walkway that comes right from the front yard and over the pool, dividing the terrain into two levels. Although the house is preserving part of the 1948 building it has however replaced much of the original. Everything has been updated to today’s modern environmentally conscious needs. For example, photovoltaic panels have been added on the roof and also a grey water harvesting system has been added. The house uses LED lighting due to its energy saving properties as well as immense versatility. The building itself has great landscaping as the designers used a lot of trees and other large natural structures to shade it from the sun’s rays and avoid any solar gain. Also, the whole design has been done with care so that it would prevent any harmful impact on the Oak trees in the area. In some parts of the house large windows can help solar gain and reduce heating bills during the colder season.

The house has been built to be higher than the street level offering more privacy and better views for its occupants. It features a series of concrete steps that lead to a small landing deck that has been made with wood and continues with a few more steps that lead just next to the pool to the main entrance. The pool area has been constructed parallel to the house offering easier access and more privacy to those who swim in it. Another interesting part of the design is the fact that the living area seems to have been opened right towards the outdoor pool giving the feeling that you can simply step into the pool right from the inside of your house.

Inside the house we can see a beautiful two level central fireplace and an elegant staircase that leads to the eating area. The spiral case inside the house connects with the kitchen deck and the rooftop terrace. The owners can easily have lunch on top of the house as they have great access there from the kitchen.

In the bathroom the designers wanted to offer a great deal of light but also maintain privacy so everything features a semi-opaque glass panel.

Overall the house exceeds the rigorous standards for its green certifications while also maintaining an outstanding level of design and without having to sacrifice too much of the original plan.