Home for Life

Home for Life is an extremely interesting project that features an interdisciplinary approach in order to ensure that houses have sustainable parameters for energy while maintaining great comfort and good visual appeal. The Home for Life project features eight experimental homes that have been financed by VKR Holding. The plan was to build great sustainable buildings all throughout Europe that are called Active Houses.

The project also aims to improve the quality of life for those who are living inside these amazing houses. The pain principle was to promote a close relationship between the indoors and the outdoors along with house flexibility in terms of sustainability and comfort.

This particular home is a 2,045 square feet two bedroom home designed to integrate sustainability and functionality. It features a slate roof that has been used to integrate a great sustainable heating system. On the roof, the architects implemented a photovoltaic solar system and along with that, an additional solar hot water system which was coupled with a heat pump and a great energy-efficient design that produces more power than needed. An amazing feature of this house is the fact that in the winter the heating is easily provided by the passive solar heating from the windows. The windows have been energy optimized so that around 50% of the heat is provided through them. Another interesting concept is the automatic natural ventilation system which has been implemented to be used in the summer. This system controls the airflow through the house when the months of summer get too hot. The house makes maximum use of the daylight as a lot of windows have been used to achieve both a more sustainable home and a more comfortable environment. This way every room has windows on at least two sides, making the house a lot warmer in the winter and offering the occupants great natural light during the day.