Luxury With Energy Efficiency

The beautiful Oceana Residence Koh Samui Condo is a true success of modern architecture, combining a clever, well thought out position that maximizes land usage while also offering amazing views of the surrounding ocean view.

The 9,000 square meter building is made up of 3,500 square meters of communal areas and a wide variety of apartments that range from studios to 1 and 2 bedroom units. Each of the apartments here are intelligently designed to offer the best of modern interior layouts and decorations while taking advantage of the amazing view and making the interior comfortable through a series of energy efficient technologies.

The entire complex is built around a series of key details that stick out and command attention. The rocky surface of the exterior creates a pleasant mix with the modern, simple lines of the building. To help with the carbon footprint the decorative rock is quarried right from the hillside the building is set in.

Another striking element of the building are the floor to ceiling windows, all located on the same side of the each apartment, offering lovely views and access to a spacious terrace or balcony. The clever shading and ease with which future residents can open up their apartments to the outdoors helps with natural ventilation and overall temperature. The overhanging balconies or other structural elements help maximize the light the apartment receives in key periods of the day without overheating it. The double-glazed windows also offer great insulation in case temperatures tend to drop. To further increase the efficiency of the building solar panels are planned to be set on the roof in order to provide sufficient electricity for all the public spaces in the Oceana Residence Condominiums.

All lighting in the building will use modern, energy efficient LED systems that will provide a high quality strong light that consumes a fraction of what other lighting systems do.

Water is a major element of the Oceana Condos building and it doesn’t just refer to the swimming pool. Water will be used to cool the building through the help of reflecting pools. Also, rainwater will be stored and used for non-potable tasks while waste water will be recycled and reused.

The positioning of the building is also thought out to aid natural ventilation which, with the help of mechanical ventilation should easily cool the building with minimum energy consumption. The position is also though out to prevent solar gain while also offering the best views of the stunning natural landscape that surrounds the apartments.