Maison P+C

Designed by Atelier Alassoeur Architecture, this 326 square feet residence is located in Indre, France and has been part of a project concerned with sustainability. The project was created in the middle of a suburban neighborhood but in a very private area and the main idea behind it was to build modules that will allow lighting in different areas during the day for better sustainability and better life quality. A few options for increasing sustainability were used but the architects kept design in mind as well as the overall outside appearance of the house. The building branches in various areas so that the owners inside experience different degrees of lighting. These also provide interesting open spaces that can be used during seasonal change.

The house was built to look very open to the outdoor environment and was made to blend well with the traditional residential area. The structure has a single inner space that offers a panoramic view. A maconery base was that supports a wooden box was used because the architects wanted to ensure that the house was made from sustainable materials. The wooden box is also covered with red cedar giving the house a very natural feel.

The house features beautiful galvanized steel accessories that have been placed on the facades to offer great protection from the sun.  The roofs are flat and the design allows for beautiful terraces on top that will also feature vegetation so that the house has its own ecosystem.

The eclectic combination of colors and designs used in each of the rooms is meant to create a beautiful contrast with the very simple design that has been used on the outside of this house, a design that manages to blend extremely well with the natural environment that surrounds it as it features brown, green and grey shades.