Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a very broad term that people are starting to use more and more nowadays. Due to the fact that our impact on Earth should be as minimal as possible the aspect of renewable energy is extremely important. There are various low carbon technologies that can help communities save a great deal of money on energy. These include wind turbines or solar panels and they are also supported by the government.

Those interested in renewable energy should know that it is usually a type of sustainable energy that can be easily replenished. Some examples of renewable energy are: sunlight, biomass or biofuels, water and wind. All technologies that are based on producing energy using these elements are renewable. Besides helping the environment there are other reasons why people should look into renewable energy such as reducing your dependency on more expensive energy, helping to keep the air clean around you and also helping you even earn money. You can easily make money from installing renewable technology and selling the extra you make back to the grid.

Before starting a renewable energy strategy you should make sure that you can keep your home as efficient by keeping the temperature constant as possible. For example, definitely use insulating draught, double glazed windows, water saving technology and create water filtration systems that allow you to reuse your waste for irrigation.

Not all properties can use all types of renewable energy, some might be candidates for wind turbines or hydroelectricity depending on their location, and others could benefit from solar panels or solar thermal and even biomass. You should also aim to reduce your emissions which can usually be improved by choosing wood fueled heating, a wind turbine, solar water heating or a biomass boiler. All these can be more expensive in some areas so make sure that you choose the option that also suites you best money wise.

Another issue that might arise is the fact that you will need planning permission or to meet certain criteria. You should contact your local authority to see exactly what the criteria is and what you are allowed to implement in your house. Don’t forget to announce your insurance company about the changes you are making in your home because some policies might also cover some of those. On the other hand, make sure that you are implementing technologies that are not considered risky by your insurance company and will not add to the cost of your insurance.